Amsterdam, Holland

September 11, 2002 ... Paradiso


On the Low
Clear Day
Butterfly Mornings
Friends of a Smile
Around My Smile
Bavarian Fruit Bread
Silver and Gold
Lose Me On the Way
Play With Fire (The Rolling Stones)

Louise (Acetone)


  • Jimmy Vinck: As we had such great evening in Brussels we decided to drive to Amsterdam to see Hope Sandoval in the legendary Paradiso club. The concert wasn't exactly in the large place but in a smaller room upstairs. It has about the same size as the AB club in Brussels so I guess there were about 250 people there.

    Again this was a real nice concert. The overall sound was better as in Brussels. Sadly they did not play "Drop" which is one of my favorite songs on the album. In fact the playlist was the same as in Belgium.

    So this was the second time I've heard the new songs "Friends of a Smile" and "Silver and Gold". I love them both. In the meantime "Friends of a Smile" is released on the "Suzanne" single. I hope "Silver and Gold" gets its release too. "Louise" is also a great song. I wonder how the original sounds like. I have another Acetone song in my collection which is really great ("Pinch") so it might be worth the effort to check it out.

    No backstage chat with Hope or Nicole this time but almost immediately after the concert Mark Lightcap , Colm O'Ciosoig and Al Browne came back in the room. Mark was so kind to ask Hope to sign the new Suzanne CD I just bought at the merchandising stall. (Thanks again Mark) When he came back we had a nice chat about his former band Acetone, California/Arizona deserts (Say Marc, did you try the famous Belgian beer called "Leffe" in Paris????)

    We left at about 11.45 PM as we still had a 2 hour drive ahead. (back to Antwerp) I guess there wasn't much time to check out the Amsterdam nightlife for Hope and the band as well. They had to get on the bus at 01.00 AM as they were leaving for Paris that same night. Thanks for the great concerts and I "Hope" to see you back in the near future with the Warm Inventions or of course with Mazzy Star ....

  • Robert: i saw the show in amsterdam on the 11th. the sound was great throughout. i have read the other reviews and some of the problems at the other shows weren't at this one; no chit chatter or clanking bottles. hope does not interact at all with the audience which bothered one person i had talked to. she did an encore which included suzzanne. i expected a little more; or at least a thank-you; i attributed he morose attitude to 9/11 but appears to be her style.

  • Ed: Hope's voice is incomparable with anything that I have witnessed live before, in Holland and outside its borders. The haunting timbre, the dreamy almost halucinogetic quality of the songs did send shivers down my spine and brought tears in my eyes at times. The dimned lights, the concentration on Hope's face and the quality of the rest of the band turned this Paradiso show into an evening I will never forget, how old I may end up to be. Before the show I owned "Among My Swans" now I have just bought "So tonight that I might see" and at the concert I already bought "Bavarian Fruit Bread". Strange and a bit sad that music like this does not seem to be getting any airplay (or almost none) both on MTV and on local radio and TV stations. But then again a light like this must shine in darkness to matter more. I hope to see you back here soon again miss Sandoval.

    Met vriendelijke groeten (with kind regards)