2003 live

November 8 ... London, England ... Queen Elizabeth Hall (South Bank)

Hope performed with David Roback at Bert Jansch's 60th Birthday Concert on Saturday November 8, 2003 at the Queen Elizabeth Hall at London's South Bank. Other guests included Johnny Marr, Bernard Butler, Ralph McTell, Colm O'Ciosoig (My Bloody Valentine), Johnny "Guitar" Hodge and Bert's son, Adam Jansch.


  • Clive: The format was Bert playing a couple of songs solo, then bringing on a guest to accompany him for two or three, back to solo, etc. There were two sets that lasted about two hours in total.

    David and Hope came on in the second set and played three songs with Hope singing on all of them. They were "Suzanne", one I didn't recognise and the one Hope sings on Bert's "Edge of a Dream" album, "All This Remains". The line ups were:

    "Suzanne": Bert - guitar, Sandoval - vocals and glockenspeil, Roback - inaudible keyboards, Colm O'Ciosoig - guitar
    Unknown: Bert - guitar, Sandoval - vocals and harmonica, Roback - guitar, O'Ciosoig - drums
    "All This Remains": Bert - guitar, Sandoval - vocals, Roback - inaudible keyboards, O'Ciosoig - drums, Adam Jansch - bass

    On the final encore, a blues song Bert sang that may have been "Come Back Baby", the whole ensemble came on which added to 3 above Johnny Marr - guitar, Bernard Butler - guitar, Ralph McTell - guitar, Johhny "Guitar" Hodge - guitar. Hope didn't sing but played harmonica. During the song David Roback had a conversation with Ralph McTell.

Hope sings on "All This Remains" from Bert Jansch's album Edge of a Dream (available at Amazon or Amazon UK).