Washington, DC

August 28, 2002 ... 9:30 Club


On the Low
Clear Day
Butterfly Mornings
Friends of a Smile
Around My Smile
Bavarian Fruit Bread
Silver and Gold
Lose Me On the Way
Play With Fire (Rolling Stones)

Louise (Acetone)


  • Colin (picture with Hope & Nicole above): Wow! An excellent show. They were so good tonight, as was the crowd, as was the venue. The sound was ten times better than in Philadelphia. The 9:30 has the best sound of any venue I've been to. People could still talk and not disrupt the band -- the music would drown them out, but it's not too loud.

    They did a cool cover of the Stones' "Play With Fire" as their last pre-encore song; that was my favorite of the night. Hope spoke a bit before the encore, thanked the Soledad Brothers, and went into "Suzanne". She thanked the crowd and said goodnight after "Louise". Wonderful show and a great send-off to Europe!

  • Ron C.: Just got back from Hope's performance at the 9:30 club. I've seen all my favorite musicians/singers at this venue and she didn't disappoint.

    It was a wonderful performance and a real treat hearing her sing live for the first time. She played mostly songs from her latest album. I think she opened up with On the Low. The second song she played was the one I wanted to hear her sing live the most, Clear Day, which was amazingly beautiful, her voice was so crystalline,lucid, ethereal. It was really amazing hearing her sing that one. I loved when she goes ..going to wash all your troubles away. I would've been happy just hearing that one. When she sang Butterfly Morning that was just about as clear, crystalline beautiful as when she sang Clear Day.

    During her performance she was playing the harmonica alot i think.I loved hearing her sing live she takes ya to another place. She did say hi to the audience. And before she started her encore she graciously thanked some people who had given her some gifts and she also thanked the Soledad Brothers for being her opening act. Wow never heard such a shy performer which was pretty neat and endearing to me but when she sings she has the loveliest voice.

    I think they played a couple of new songs which i didn't recognize one was pretty jazzed up and a little jammy maybe that was the Soledad Brothers influence. Can't wait till she puts out new material hopefully she'll tour and be back soon!

  • Chris: it was a good show. the band really seemed on, and hope's voice was, as expected, beautiful. it was a nice surprise when she addressed the audience before the encore began, to thank the soledad brothers and something about flowers backstage. even though i was upfront, i could barely hear this...and of course, in attendance were the usual morons who insist on paying for a ticket just to talk thru the show. the only disappointing bit was the fact that while "drop" was on the setlist, it was not played. that, and the fact that it rained all day and night in DC and the roof of the 9:30 club was leaking everywhere. thanks for the work on the website :)