Denver, CO

August 16, 2002 ... Ogden Theatre


  • Glen: I absolutely loved Hope's perfomance, minus the ametuer backup band supporting her and a couple of a-holes in the crowd. I think that the "keyboardist" looked lost and put in more finger time pulling her skirt down than playing her instrument. In fact, does she actually play the instument or is she just around for Hope's company. Next was the guitar player, stage left who was definitely in his own world. If he would open his eyes (literally) and diversify his tempo, it might lend more felling to the songs and became part of the band. By the way, in a small venue like the Ogden, we can all hear this guitar player practicing his chords between each song. It was mildly annoying. The drummer was great and seemed to be well seasoned. He brought color to the songs that were lost by the previous two musicans mentioned. Actually, if you take the other two out of the band, the rest seemed very tight and well rehearsed.

    I appreciate the chance to enjoy Hope's voice live. She is a true talent with the voice of an angel. I hope next time she will be supported be the type of band that can compliment her superior voice, it stands on it's own. And sorry for the jerk in the crowd heckling. Don't hold it against us in Denver.