Frankfurt, Germany

September 9, 2002 ... Kunstlerhaus Mousonturm


On the Low
Clear Day
Butterfly Mornings
Friends of a Smile
Around My Smile
Bavarian Fruit Bread
Silver and Gold
Lose Me On the Way
Play With Fire (The Rolling Stones)

Louise (Acetone)


  • Carsten J.: I was at Hope´s Frankfurt concert and this is my impression: During the louder songs she was not loud enough so that you sometimes could not hear her voice. During the end of the second song she had an argument with one of the roadies on stage but you couldn´t hear what she said to him but you could see that she was angry.

    The guitars were much louder than the rest and louder than Hope. They had only 4 blue lights on the musicians and one red spotlight on Hope so that you couldn´t see her face. It was very dark. Sometimes they put out the lights completely between the songs. They also used a mirrirball with white light several times.

    Hope didn´t say anything during the concert except thank you after the last song. She played a lot of harmonica and twice the glockenspiel. Some people started to leave because she made a pause of 10 minutes before the encore!

    The venue was seated and later one guy of the venue told me that Hope wanted the seats to be removed before the show, but that was impossible because there wasn´t enough time. Smoking and drinking wasn´t allowed during the concert! One of the support band told me that during the soundcheck Hope didn´t allow the support band to be present.

    Setlist: I think it must be pretty close to the Hamburg or Oslo show. It was not allowed to take any photograps also some fans photographed with flashlights several times but Hope didn´t seem to recognize it and they were no consequences. I didn´t take any pictures.