New York, NY

August 26, 2002 ... Bowery Ballroom


On the Low
Clear Day
Butterfly Mornings
Friends of a Smile
Bavarian Fruit Bread
Silver and Gold
Around My Smile
Lose Me On the Way

Louise (Acetone)
Play With Fire (Rolling Stones)


  • David Levine: I just got back from the concert. It was great - the sound and all. I was standing about 3 people from the stage. The crowd was in to it and well behaved (except for the girl in front of me who didn't stop talking for 2 seconds. why was she there?).

    Hope was excellent, and so was her band. It would be nice if she talked a little, but I know she's shy and it's not her style. When she first came out she made a little (sexy) sighing noise into the mic. Someone yelled "Do that again." The crowd started laughing, and she replied "be nice." That was all we heard from her.

    Unfortunately no picture taking was allowed, so I could only get a few shots with no flash that didn't come out at all - it was very dark on stage. My digi. camera takes 80 second .AVI movies and I managed to record a few. I'll try to transfer them to MP3 since all they'll be good for is the sound. Can't wait for tomorrow night :)

  • Melodie: I would most definitely have to say that this was one of the best shows I have ever seen in a really, really long time. I was expecting a good show but Hope and her new band exceeded any expectations I had. I love the new record but hearing it live was so powerful. I was really touched by all of the songs. Hope and her band played songs from the new record but in concert they go into drawn out "jams" that left everyone mesmerized. I read one review where someone said that the crowd wasn't clapping enough. I don't think it's that they weren't into it, they were probably too blown away by the music. Hardly anyone in the crowd spoke all night. Hope and her band had everyone's complete attention. After the encore was done and the lights came back up, I felt like I had landed back on earth and I was really sad that it had all ended. I'm also really glad I got to see Colm. Seeing him play drums is the closest I'll ever get to seeing My Bloody Valentine. Overall, this show was an amazing experience. I am SO glad I went and I would absolutely see her again.

  • Pete: I saw Hope at the Bowery Ballroom in New York last night (August 26). I got there after the Soledad Brothers left the stage and waited about a half hour until Hope came out (not sure how long the people who were there waited). The lights were turned off and there was only some red light on the stage as the band walked on stage.

    People cheered for a second when they came out, but then it was quiet and Hope sort of sighed into the mic and someone said something like "sigh again!" and a lot of people laughed and Hope said "c'mon guys, be nice". Then some girl yelled "you're a goddess!" Later on someone yelled "We all love you Hope" and that was all from the audience.

    The first song they performed was "On The Low" and between the third and fourth songs a lot of people started going "SHHHH!!!!" in a joking way, mocking Hope. I don't think Hope said "shhhhh" but I guess that had been a joke amongst audience members at most Mazzy Star shows. It was funny, but I doubt Hope was amused. She didn't say another word all night after telling us to be nice, which we were (besides the shhh thing). There were no hecklers, loud talkers, and only 3 camera flashes--which were at the end.

    They did an encore of 2 songs, closing with "Play With Fire," which I think was the best song they did. "Charlotte" and "Drop" were also very good. I doubt Hope could've asked for a better audience, but she still didn't really say anything like "Thank you" or "goodnight," not that it's too important, but acknowledging the audience is always nice.