New York, NY

August 27, 2002 ... Bowery Ballroom


Lose Me on the Way
On the Low
Clear Day
Butterfly Mornings
Friends of a Smile
Silver & Gold
Around My Smile

Louise (Acetone)
Play With Fire (Rolling Stones)


  • David Levine: Another excellent show at Bowery Ballroom. There were a few technical difficulties, but I think that made the show better. Last night we barely heard one word from Hope (besides singing of course), tonight we got some small talk mixed with apologies and they even played one song twice after the drummer/back-up singer messed up. I think he said he couldn't hear the monitors.

    The songs in the set list are all the same as last night, but in a slightly different order. The encore tonight was three songs instead of two, although the set list still only reads two songs. I don't know the name of the first song in the encore, but it was just Hope and one guitarist. Here ya go: