Sacramento, CA

August 7, 2002 ... Harlow's Night Club


  • Rudy Ruiz: When I first walked in I thought I might've gone to the wrong place because it was such a small venue. I was greeted by a gentleman who asked me "are you here for dinner or the show?". Needless to say I was very excited 1. Because this was the first time in like 6 years that I had seen Hope/Mazzy live. 2. I figured that since the venue was so small that only true Hope fans would turn out and knew how to act at such a show. Well I was wrong about the 2nd part.

    The Soledad Bros. came on a little after 9pm and really tore it up. They have a raw bluesy sound but at the same time they rocked. I can see how this has become Hope's favorite band.

    The time between when the Soledad Bros. left the stage to the time Hope and the band came out seemed like an eternity, but they did finally emerge from the curtain leading to the back stage area. They started the show with "lose me on the way" and the chills started running down my spine and they never stopped, that is until some stupid drunk chick starting yelling stupid remarks at Hope like "YOUR'E SO BEAUTIFUL...and talented" or "HOPE, CAN YOU BE MY MOTHER!!!" to which Hope replied "who said that?". After finding the perpetrator in the audience, Hope stared her down and the comments stopped. They got back to the music and performed wonderfully. Although Hope felt uncomfortable, I think her voice sounded as beautiful as it's ever been. Seeing her play the harmonica and the glockenspiel alone is worth any drive you have to make to the show. Since I've never had the chance to see My Bloody Valentine live, I didn't know what to expect of Colm. He was amazing, I loved the way he really got into the music.

    The whole band did an excellent job and the way everything came together was something very special, and no recording can capture that. If you haven't already bought a ticket to see this band, you are missing out!!! Thank you Hope, and thanks to Nicole and Ron for your company.

  • Nikole Pock: This is a Hope fan who throughouly enjoyed the show tonight at Harlows in Sacramento, but is very upset at the rest of the club goers. . .they totally disrespected her. If you closed your eyes, her voice and music definately drowned out the chatter. Her voice could overcome any other noise present! I felt so bad for Hope, with her amazing voice and harmonics.. . awh. .. beautiful! The way she sways her hair back. . . .just purely amazing and breath-taking. Thank you for tonight! Your voice will stay with me forever!

  • Dusty Brown: I live in Sacramento, Ca and I saw Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions at Harlows last night.

    First of all I feel bad about the small.. or not so small amount of people who were not into listening and just talking while Hope and her band performed. She was visually and I think verbally disturbed about this which I felt her frustration if any was to be felt.

    Beyond the typical Sacramento retards that listen to be seen listening... It was a great pleasure to hear a person sing that has put me in such a great sense of peace time, time again. I really liked her band... It's nice to hear and see a band really listen to each other. Very rare in such a rock star dominated world. Truly they are artists to the most entertaining degree.

  • Lisa Avena: Hope, my husband and I were fortunate enough to attend your show last night and I just have to say how very impressed we were with you! You sounded incredible! There was really no difference between listening to your CD or seeing you live and to me that is sign of a true talent. We really had a great evening, our only dissapiontment was that we did not get to meet you.