Seattle, WA

August 10, 2002 ... Crocodile Cafe


  • Sheila: I had the privilege to see you perform in Seattle (8/10) and I must say thank you. Everyone truly gave a wonderful performance, exerting such passion for the music. The atmospheric sounds of the band created such intense emotion which was perfected with Hope's ethereal vocals. In addition, the sounds that Hope draws from her harmonicas are simply amazing and incredibly unique.

    Hope's music leaves a profound impression on her listeners, myself included. I kept dreaming about the show later that night as I slept, which surprised me, as I did not realize the impact the evening had on me. (In a slight twist of irony, I didn't even get to meet Hope in my dreams!! Alas...) In fact, I was going to drive to Portland the next day to see it all again, to embrace the loveliness of the music. The experience left myself and others in such a euphoric, elated level, adjusting back to the 'normal' world seemed to be disorienting. It seems that truly good music creates this effect. Overall, the sounds you create on the album and in concert are indescribable in words, as words cannot contain the meaning of such beauty.

    Thanks again for an unforgettable show.

  • Mark Renton: I attended Hope's show at the Crocodile Cafe on Saturday, August 10, 2002. It was very disappointing.

    The place was far too crowded, and therefore far too hot. The silent, nearly-one-hour delay between the end of the opening act and Hope coming on stage was far too long; the crowd was getting angry. It was not a polite or pleasant crowd. I doubt that crowding, heat, or technical delays would've been a problem at the Showbox.

    And although Hope's amazingly warm, hypnotic voice was wonderful as expected, she seemed almost completely oblivious to the audience. Maybe I should've just stayed at home and listened straight through to all four albums...