2009 tour

San Francisco, CA ... September 26, 2009

... The Fillmore

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Luz Gallardo

Review by Sablan: the staff at the fillmore could have helped the band by tending to their sound problems, rather than just sitting on their lazy butts and not do anything. but, because it wasn't lil' wayne playing that night, they left hope and the band to figure it out. the fillmore is not the place it used to be.

there was an obnoxious drunk girl in the audience itching to fight with anyone who told her to shut up. she kept shouting profanties and, "EAST L.A., Baby!" "Hope, take your dress off!" I was afraid she was going to be the cause for Hope leaving the stage. I think certain people should have stayed at home that night. They probably thought it was the Jacka performing that night, and when they saw it was HS&WI, they decided to stay anyway. why?

Santa Cruz was a lot better. I enjoy the shows at bar-like settings, instead of big venues like the fillmore, great american music hall, etc. i think the band enjoy intimate places a lot better, too. i don't know.

nevertheless, it was a beautiful night just to see the band play that night. it was sad to see absolutely no staff help them out with their mic problems. you could see the frustration. it even irked the audience. all staff that night deserve to get a pink slip the following day.

the band

  • Hope Sandoval ... vocals, glockenspeil, harmonica
  • Colm Ó Cíosóig ... drums

Dirt Blue Gene:

  • Al Browne ... bass
  • Charles Cullen ... vocals
  • Dave Brennan ... guitar
  • Mick Whelan ... piano