2009 tour

Washington, DC ... October 14, 2009

... Sixth & I

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Courting Blues
Thinking Like That
There's a Willow
Around My Smile
Wild Roses
For the Rest of Your Life


Luz Gallardo

Michael Foley

Review by Zach: Hope Sandoval has been one of my favorite singers since I first heard Fade Into You back in the 1993. I've never seen her live before and it was like no other show I've ever seen. First off the venue was the Sixth and I Synagogue. I've never been in a synagogue before and never imagined I would see a show in one. It is one of the smaller venues I've ever seen a band play in and the pews became uncomfortable quickly. The other thing that set this show apart from any other show I've seen is that Hope never spoke a word to the audience and hardly spoke to the band. They came out, took the stage and started playing. After the show was done they just walked off the stage and that was it. Also Hope and the band basically played in the dark. The only light source was the screen behind the band that had repetitive trippy images of ballerina dancers, flowers and such things playing on it. Hope's voice sounded just as amazing as it does on all of her CD's and it calmed and soothed me into a trance like state. If it were not for the uncomfortable pews I do believe I might have fallen into one of the best sleeps of my life. I would like to have heard her sing some of her Mazzy Star material but her new stuff is very good so I wasn't too disappointed. I'm very happy I finally got to see and hear her in person and I really hope she comes back to my area again. I will go see her every chance I get and if you enjoy her music I highly recommend you do the same.

the band

  • Hope Sandoval ... vocals, glockenspeil, harmonica
  • Colm Ó Cíosóig ... drums

Dirt Blue Gene:

  • Al Browne ... bass
  • Charles Cullen ... vocals
  • Dave Brennan ... guitar
  • Mick Whelan ... piano