2010 tour

Monticello, NY ... September 5, 2010

... All Tomorrow's Parties, Curated by Jim Jarmusch

If you attended this show, please send in reviews and photos (contact form here or email to Colin ...at... HopeSandoval.com).

"You all look quite tired," Hope Sandoval, the onetime singer for '90s dream-pop hit makers Mazzy Star, told the Sunday crowd in the Stardust Ballroom. They did. And Sandoval's music is blissfully responsible. Her five-piece band, including collaborator Colm Ó Cíosóig of equally ethereal outfit My Bloody Valentine, sedated the crowd with jazzy electric guitar riffs with the reverb set to 11. "Blanchard," a spine-tingler off their new album, Through The Devil Softly, and "Suzanne," an older tune with xylophone plinks, both lulled the crowd as the chanteuse sang in a breathy whisper. Grainy black and white video of a ballerina twirling in a flowing dress, and footage of blue, green, and yellow watercolors smudging together added to the opiate dream state. Nighty, night. [ SPIN.com ]


the band

  • Hope Sandoval ... vocals, glockenspeil, harmonica
  • Colm Ó Cíosóig ... drums

Dirt Blue Gene:

  • Al Browne ... bass
  • Charles Cullen ... vocals
  • Dave Brennan ... guitar
  • Mick Whelan ... piano